Why It Is Not Too Late To Binge M. Night’s Servant

I have been a fan of M. Night Shyamalan and his films for a long time. And I admit, it is not always the subject matter that ropes me in.  It is usually the slow development of the storyline as it unfolds manages to stay in my psyche.

This time, with Servant it is different for me. Servant touches on guilt, redemption, and fear. Not unusual for M Night.  But what the Servant does differently is it takes you  into the home of a broken family and explores the flaws of the human condition, human failures, and how the family bond works so hard to protect each other, even if it means lying to a loved one in hopes of protecting them from pain. 

After mourning an unspeakable tragedy, Philadelphia couple  played by Six Feet Under’s Lauren Ambrose (Dorothy) and Black Mirrors  Toby Kebbell   Sean  hire young Leanne to take care of their baby Jericho (an unborn doll) – you read that right.

Grief, disbelief, the occult and more, are woven into episodes of the Servant. The supporting cast do more than offer their share of support. Harry Potter famed Rupert Grint plays the loyal brother and confidant, and you can’t help but wonder if award season will tap  Boris McGiver on the shoulder for his noteworthy performance as “Uncle George”  Didn’t I see him as a sensible reporter on House Of Cards recently? Talk about range!

What Makes Servant worth watching well into Season 2 is the character development. We learn how connected tv news journalist Dorothy is to the Cult that Leanne comes from. And it is Dorothy’s pragmatic approach to finding her son, that touches on just how strong the power of denial really is.

Dorothy and her family of enablers spin a web of deception. And we see how those outside their circle are harmed due to the initial  lie that Jericho is still alive. The show is cloaked with mysteries.

It is impossible at this point in Season 2 to be sure if the family is living in a recurring dream and what is actually real. And the mystery that surrounds Leanne deepens.

Season 2 of Servant airs on Friday’s via Apple TV


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