The Luminaries Just Started And We Are Hooked

The Luminaries started out as a novel. Written by Eleanor Catton. Set in South New Zealand in 1866. The Novel has won awards including the Man Booker Prize.

The story follows a young woman by the name of Anne Wetherall played by Irish actress Eve Hewson.

Eve travels to the Island of Hokitika in search of gold during the Gold Rush Era. Emery Staines played by Himesh Patel is her potential love interest who is also traveling to Hotikita in search of Gold.

Their potential romance is thwarted however, by the eerily mysterious and enchanting fortune telling Lydia Wells played by Eva Green (Casino Royale). Anne is tricked and skips her planned meet up with Emery and is turned into a prostitute and opium addict. This is all revealed in just the first episode!

Imagine New Zealand and The Gold Rush Era… now imagine a love story where the two lovers are born on the same day at the very same moment? Otherwise known as Eva Green is an Astrologer of Mystery. And she works to keep the lovers apart. But why? How much power is there when two people born on the day, maybe event the exact moment? Thus being astral twins. She can read because he can, and his addiction is her addiction and well, you get the idea. It is that very magic creates the storyline of two lovers chasing gold and finding each other. The first episode gives you a lot to work with. A six part mini series and a near duplicate to the books storyline, the wild journey through the gold rush era is not without murder, romance, lies, deceit, and significant – lovers played by never aging New Zealand actor Martin Csokas of Aeon Flux fame and the cosmic unknown.

The team of producers accurately depict the Maori people. Because they went so far as to hiring cultural advisers. And e Rau Tauwhare (played by Richard Te Are) mesmerizes you with his tribal face tattoos and mannerisms. Moreover, you will find that the picturesque local, set on the unspoiled region of Aotearoa (New Zealand) is a delight to the eyes.

You can watch the trailer here You can watch The Luminaries On Starz Which airs Sundays at 9:30 pm

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