About Us

The Dark Corners Blog is dedicated to all things mysterious, paranormal and horror (with some sci-fi and supernatural mixed in for good measure). The Blog features news, editorial and reviews about the movies, TV shows, games, and books that give us the most mysterious, scariest and unexplained stories out there. Our team of enthusiasts and creators love to watch, produce, read and consume everything related to paranormal, mystery and horror and the Dark Corners Blog share their opinions, lists, stories and videos with you.

Dark Corners TV

In addition, the Blog is where we highlight and explore shows and movies available on The Dark Corners TV Channel. What dangers lurk in the darkness? What mysteries await? What ghost stories are true? What houses are haunted? The possibilities delight as much as they can terrify when you watch the Dark Corners Channel, available on several free streaming services including KlowdTV, SelectTV, Plex, RadTv and more.