Why Our Eyes Require Wanda Vision

If you are a fan of the Avengers, then you will be into Wanda Vision. The series takes place right after the events of the Avengers Endgame (2019). Paul Bettany reprises his role as Vision as well as Elizabeth Olson who continues her role as Wanda Maximoff.

If you could imagine living your life through television show and I say that not figuratively speaking, then you could begin to understand the premise of the somewhat confusing series. Some shows require you to figure it out as you go along. And Wanda Vision is one of them. Paying respect to the old school television shows has the lovely duo in Lucille Ball land to a makeshift Brady Bunch house to what I can see only as an Everybody Loves Raymond eighties house. The cast of characters around them continue to evolve with them on their TV journey.

And it isn’t all Pleasantville. Like every Marvel Comic storyline, there are good characters and evil characters, and power struggles too. The trick so far, is figuring out which is which. You see, Wanda and Vision may be living in a TV dream, but as bewitching as Wanda’s character may be, it is clear she is running from something. Is it to avoid the previous ill fate of Vision? (You may remember from Avengers Endgame– that when we last saw Vision, Thanos had killed him but it was just after he had professed his love for Wanda.)

Honestly, while everything five episodes in points the finger at Wanda, I am still not sure. One thing I do know is Wanda Vision is so creative. They have managed to make the “Television” an actual parallel universe. Even the dimensions look like a tv screen. And if you think you are confused, Sentient Weapon Observation and Response Division, better known by its acronym S.W.O.R.D., is an American extra-governmental intelligence agency trying to solve the puzzle as well. And while the authorities work hard to figure out why Wanda and Vision are being forced to or are voluntarily stuck in TV land, they are also trying to figure out how the hell they going to get them out.

Kat Dennings, reprises her role from the two Thor movies as Darcey Lewis and is part of the S.W.O.R.D. (SWAT) team. She recently opened up to Ellen Degeneres about her excitement about the show and that Marvel has made it clear that the shows development is under extreme hush, hush. She told Ellen that Marvel has given her a list of what she can and cannot say.


Admittedly, the show is full of twists and turns. You almost feel sorry for the rest of the characters because they don’t realize that they are stuck in a TV show. But at the same time, you need them there to help Wanda and Vision find normality in a world that is potentially all Wanda’s by design. You can watch WandaVision on Disney +

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