How Two Different Directors Completed The Third Day

Jude Law stars in this mini series, as does Naomi Harris. The Third Day. is about a man who winds up on an island, only to find out he is destined to rule it for the greater good for the entire world. The island is in chaos and it must be course corrected in order to maintain a natural balance in the universe.  So says the the Cult Islanders anyway.  And it is likely the creepiest island you could ever find yourself on. So if you are at all claustrophobic, then being stuck on this island  because the sea level rises every day and covers up the road (causeway) is the kind of eery island (OSEA) that is not a place for the faint of heart.

A limited series on HBO, The Third Day takes on the dependency of Religion, the conviction of those in Cults and how sometimes even someone as logical as the talented Naomi Harris can’t rationalize human behavior.

The 12 hour live mini series is full of experimentation. Directed in three parts and by different directors, the character development becomes center, as we see different perspectives throughout each of the three days, or rather three seasons. Summer the first three episodes which centers around the character of Sam,  played by Jude Law. and directed by Marc Munden. Fall is the produced live event in the center full of theatrics and eccentrics and Winter, is the last three days centered around Helen, plated by Naomi Harris. and directed by Philippa Lowthorpe,

There is plenty of mystery and confusion here. And the show works pretty hard to keep you off the scent to discovering the true nature of the story behind the Island and origins.

Similar to M. Night Shyamalan’s Servant, the arc of the story surrounds the loss of a child and the vulnerable spirit of grieving parents.

The series has a lot to do with destiny and the perpetuation of a destiny. And the characters flow in a natural pattern, revolving around an estranged couple and their children. The seven part series poses the question; do you become someone that strangers tell you that you are meant to be? The show explores the power of will, and the human condition of seeking purpose and being accepted.

You can watch the series on HBO

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