American Mysteries – Coming Soon

American Mysteries takes you on a journey into the unknown. Each week, the American Mysteries team visits a town that’s known for having an enigma or myth. The team is willing to go anywhere to check out a location with reports of legends, scary creatures, ghosts, ghouls, vampires, UFOs, strange objects, and anything else that goes bump in the night (or day).

Drawn from all walks of life , and from very diverse backgrounds, a mutual love of intrigue and adventure brings together this broad and unique cast of characters in a quest for the truth … whatever that truth might be. Collecting information that leads them to question the very nature of reality itself, the team bonds through their shared experiences until they become more family than colleagues.

Although most of the investigators have an impressive résumé when it comes to all things supernatural, this is not your typical “ghost show.” Viewers will also learn how stories of the unexplained can shape the culture and identity of a region. Otherworldly tales can weave through the everyday life of a town, sometimes through unusual cuisine and hobbies, or through roadside attractions, museums, and annual festivals that are dedicated to the local folklore. Whispers and legends fold themselves into the very fabric of the nation, stitching together a puzzling patchwork that draws even the most stoic person into these American Mysteries.



A good paranormal show has plenty of scares. An even better paranormal show takes a holistic approach to paranormal investigation, embracing the spine-tingling moments while
remembering that we have real people exploring real places. American Mysteries takes that one step further by stepping through the door with a group of people that’s more
representative of modern society. These curious wanderers have found a common goal: to seek out little-known stories and events of all kinds, in every region of the country. Employing a wide
knowledge base that’s only available through the inclusion of diverse life experience, cutting edge technology and spirituality combine to offer explanations never before possible. Each new mission takes the explorers—and the audience—on a trek through the miracles that
make us unique and the universal truths that connect us.



Fascination with the paranormal is something that seeps into your bones. That’s where American Mysteries lives. It’s more than a TV show, it’s an experience … it’s rummaging through deeply held belief systems of all types in an effort to shine a light on the truth. In each investigation, the eclectic team of experts will absorb the history and culture of a paranormal hotspot, as they hunt down the perplexing pieces of a local puzzle.


Leading Cast 

NISHANT GOGNA, Lead Investigator/ Team Founder – Nishant has always been fascinated by the unknown. He’s a first generation Indian-American with a strong scientific background. But he was also raised on spooky stories from India, including restless spirits and
curses that reach down through the generations. Nishant recently decided to go back to medical school, following a ten-year break. He’s looking forward to bringing his medical knowledge to paranormal investigations and working to find a balance between
science and metaphysics.

LEAH WALKING TALL, Shaman – Leah Walking Tall is a proud Native American–a mix of Cherokee, Ojibway, and Sauk Fox–who apprenticed with her Grandfather as a female Shaman, honoring the ancestors and following their path through offerings and rituals.

GOLDA-VICTORIA AGU, Mission Manager – Golda-Victoria Agu is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and an avid researcher of all things ghostly, odd, and unusual. When she was stationed in Japan, she found that she was able to communicate with a poltergeist. As someone who loves traveling to different areas of the country, meeting new people, and sampling the regional cuisine. Golda-Victoria is eager for everything she might experience as she travels with the American Mysteries team, and learns more about her abilities.