Dark Territory Season 2 – Coming Soon

Dark Territory Season 2

Imagine watching a horror film, only to realize that what you’re watching is really happening! This isn’t a narrative story. But rather a documentary. Which captures glimpses of real-life horrors. Inspired by the great horror directors of the past. -Like Stanley Kubrick (The Shining), John Carpenter (Halloween), and Clive Barker (Hellraiser)–as well as more recent films from the likes of James Wan.  British filmmakers and paranormal investigators Sean Kenna, Sean Owen, and Karl Hassall join forces to push the boundaries of modern-day ghost hunting.  Which includes the way in which it’s recorded.  You will discover that there is beauty in dark, cryptic locations.  And in the fear experienced by someone searching for answers in the shadows.

Mysteries prevail, and Dark Territory leads us down a path that most would never take. What are the limits of paranormal forces, and are there consequences for confronting them? Join the guys to find out as they search some of Britain’s darkest, most haunted locations!

Dark Territory strives to give its audience the most accurate, yet cinematic, experience of unique and historic British locations. Sean, Sean, and Karl raise the bar when it comes to artful cinematography.  They do this by incorporating a combination of handheld, drone, and night vision footage. Their  beautifully-executed shots set the tone for each scene and episode.



At first glance, it’s hard to believe that this production is a ghost hunting show rather than a feature film.It’s cinematic, edgy, intriguing, horrific, and all set against the backdrop of England’s mysterious underbelly. The images paint a picture of a bygone era, or of a world you would only see in some sort of dream…a bad, bad dream. The trio at the heart of the show is undeniably cool, the sort of lads you want to share a pint with. They have a deep sense of camaraderie that can only be developed through unimaginable shared experiences such as theirs; stepping side-by-side into the unknown, over and over. The resulting series is a compelling and gritty reimagining of a traditional paranormal show, but there is nothing traditional about Dark Territory.

Season One of Dark Territory

Starring Sean Kenna, Sean Owen, and Karl Hassall, is complete and available for distribution.  The season was shot in a cinematic style and is comprised of ten episodes, each filmed at a different historic location throughout the United Kingdom.

The team has big plans for Season Two of Dark Territory. A few times during Season One, the guys tried what they refer to as an “Experiment,” confining one of the three investigators–tying them down, chaining them up, or otherwise restricting them–in a location known for having an extremely high level of paranormal activity. Real fear is known to help spark supernatural interactions, generating some of the best moments of the show. Episodes containing an Experiment have ignited so much enthusiastic conversation about the series that the creators will make the Experiment a regular part of each episode in Season Two. A visceral emotional response is key to any good ghost hunting show, and Dark Territory harnesses this energy like no other by using the rich tones and artful composition of their visual style to amp up the tension. Season Two will take advantage of this special skillset by weaving narrative scenes throughout the action. Not only will this lift the production value to an entirely new level, it will drop the audience into the world in a more personal way.


The Dark Territory Team


Sean Kenna

With Star Wars tattoos and a style that rivals the bands that inspire him, it’s no surprise that Sean Kenna is a self-proclaimed geek with rock ‘n’ roll inclinations .The rebellious nature that almost sent him down a musical path evolved into a constant questioning of life as we know it. The more technologically advanced we become as a society, the more baffling he finds it that there remain so many important mysteries left unanswered. As the resident skeptic of theDark Territory team, Kenna’s mind immediately searches for a rational explanation, no matter how quickly others might label an event as supernatural. Ultimately, he’s a seeker, looking for the truth as he trail blazes his path as a rock star of paranormal investigation.


Sean Owen

Classic horror films fueled Sean Owen’s creative fire; he fondly remembers his childhood attempts to recreate his favorite bits, using his father’s old camera. That connection never faded as newer horror offerings inspired his self-education of how to properly light and shoot a scene. The practice paid off, forging Owen into the gifted cinematographer and documentarian who shapesDark Territory as a creative property. As a member of the investigative team, he grew up exposed to ideas of the supernatural.  But he retains a healthy dose of skepticism. And this makes him the glue that holds the group together.  As he sits squarely between the belief levels of his teammates.


Karl Hassall

Karl has lived a dozen lives, he once served as a Green Beret in the Royal Marines. In addition, DJing at major music festivals.  Karl has gathered a following as a well-respected paranormal investigator. On some level, every path he’s walked has been to find solace and a sense of purpose.  After a childhood that tormented him with both schoolyard bullies and terrifying, otherworldly phenomena invading his home. And with the latter experiences culminating in an exorcism, the supernatural left the deepest impression on him of all his interests. He dove head-first into paranormal investigation. Karl learned to apply the artistry that he once devoted to music, to the field of documentary filmmaking. With a creative soul, a fearless sense of exploration, and a drive to reach the summit of any mountain he’s climbing, Karl rounds out the Dark Territory team as the unwavering true believer.