Seven Fright Filled Documentaries Worth Streaming.

The Devil And Father Amorth

There are several things that make The Devil And Father Amorth stand out. The subject matter. Exorcism. Father Amorth is a known Vatican Exorcist. He helps “Exorcist” director William Friedkin in his search to learn more about exorcism. So think of it as Exorcism 101. The ins and outs of the Catholic church and the exorcism process explained. The clincher however is that Father Amorth allows director William Friedkin to actually film an exorcist. Something that is usually forbidden. You in? You can stream The Devil And Father Amorth on Amazon Prime (2017)


Haunters The Art Of The Scare

Creative Types are also the creepiest. This Documentary will warm your heart on a creative level and entertainment level. And it is sure to skip a beat as well when the painstaking efforts to amp the terror by these Haunted house creators bear fruit in blood curling screams, frights and scares. Amazon Prime (2017)

The Nightmare

Sleep Paralysis is a real thing. You ever have one of those dreams where you are screaming in your dream but cannot move or make up or make a sound? While the episodes usually last about one or two minutes they can feel like a lifetime when you are in it. A documentary explaining the Sleep Paralysis phenomenon documenting the lives of eight people. Goodnight. You can watch The Nightmare on Amazon Prime (2015)

The Family

The Family hits close to home. An influential cult slash Christian family wields its powerful influence in DC as they push their initiatives. Based on a true story. You can stream the series on Netflix (2019)

The Curse Of Oak Island

More of a sleepy creepy and more spooky than scary. A reality tv show for treasure hunters who look to uncover the 200 year old mystery of a tree laden town in Nova Scotia. The Oak Island Mystery otherwise known as the search for buried treasure. You can stream The Curse Of Oak Island On The History Channel


Wild Wild Country

Osho a meditation expert and sex guru, (you read that right) rises in his followship with an eventual uprising in Antelope, Oregon of the Rajneeshpuram community. The six episode documentary offers a glimpse into the Osha’s incredible rise to guru status and how he manipulates his ever growing followers in Oregon. You can watch Wild Wild Country on Netflix


Tell Me Who I Am

This documentary film directed and produced by the British filmmaker Ed Perkins is centered around twin brothers Alex and Marcus Lewis. Alex lost his memory in a motorcycle accident at age 18, and his twin brother helped him recreate his lost memories of his childhood. The plot twist here is that Marcus is harboring a dark family secret and Alex has no choice but to trust what his brother tells him. Imagine losing your memory, only to be given a false story which you unravel later in life? Watching the two brothers come to terms with their past, guilt and family misfortune pulls at the heartstrings and is also a psycho thriller. You can watch Tell Me Who I Am on Netflix. (2019)

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