Communicating with the Afterlife: How ‘Long Island Medium’ Captivated So Many

Losing someone we love is perhaps the most difficult thing we will ever cope with. We all wish we could hug our loved one again, or even talk to them again. That desire is what leads many of us to become captivated by a psychic’s abilities. Perhaps no psychic has captured the attention of so many as Theresa Caputo of “Long Island Medium” fame.

The fiery New Yorker stole the hearts of many when the show premiered back in 2011. It became the longest-running psychic medium show, lasting a total of 14 seasons and airing 176 jaw-dropping episodes. While it has its fair share of critics, the show has a strong following,. With millions of viewers tuning in to see Theresa communicate with those who have crossed over into the afterlife.

The show also follows Theresa’s personal life, from raising her two children to filing divorce for from her husband of 28-years.

Unfortunately, the pandemic forced the show to be canceled after the 14th season was filmed. But the good news is, there’s a new show starring the bubbly psychic medium. “Long Island Medium: There in Spirit” has a similar format to the former show, but it also focuses on the impact the pandemic has had on Theresa.

While she has still been able to perform readings virtually from home, many of her live shows were canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions. Where before, it was clear when Theresa was in the presence of spirit as she often rubbed her lips together in a nervous gesture, that indicator is now covered up by a face mask. It’s a small difference, but something that makes the effect of the pandemic painstakingly clear.

Many celebrity guests will make an appearance on the new show, as they have in the past. Theresa has read such famous faces as Kelly Clarkson, Rosie O’Donnell, and Kelsey Grammar. Some upcoming celebs appearing on the new show include Rosario Dawson and Meghan Trainor. Both “Long Island Medium” shows are binge-worthy for any lover of all things afterlife.

You can watch Long Island Medium There In Spirit Via Discovery +

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