Everything We Know About “You” Season 3

Because we all miss that loveable psychopath.

The TV show, You, has quickly become one of the most loved thriller shows available right now. Why? Because the writers and creators, mainly show writer Sera Gamble, made us fall in love with the bad guy and push some relatable, yet unfortunate, plot twists that hit close to home. With seasons one and two both available on Netflix, its fans wanted a third season the minute they finished the second. News broke that season three has OFFICIALLY finished taping, but there’s still no release date yet.

Now, after much waiting, we finally have the scoop on season three.

As a recap, “You” is a book-turned-TV show that features a lovable yet insanely dangerous stalker psychopath. The writer of the books, Caroline Kepnes, brought to life the world of Joe Goldberg – a man who just wants someone to love. However, that creepy love turns to murdering anyone and everyone who keeps that love nonexistent. And, along the way, we’re introduced to heavy topics such as addiction, codependent relationships, sexual assault, abuse… The list goes on and on.

Why do people love this show so much?

Easy: it’s relatable – but not in a “keep you up at night” kind of way. Sure, stalkers walk around us all the time, but it’s easy to watch it on TV and forget about the real danger by the time we go to bed. People also love the show because they want to root for the underdog – who happens to be a killer.

So, season three…

After season two left us with many, many questions and cliffhangers, news on production for the next season came to a standstill. This was partly because of COVID. This was also partly because the author had to write a third (and fourth!) book. That’s not to say that the show follows the books exactly, as filming picked up while the third book was being written. But, now that the third book is out, Netflix can run with the plot that Kepnes wrote.

Who’s being terrorized this time?

Season three’s character list was released a while ago, so we have a mini-guide on who we’ll be watching – including the mystery woman Joe sees at the very end of the last episode of season two. Before her identity was released, fans tried to guess who she was. But, after the release of season three’s cast, we find out who she is. Turns out she’s just another woman… That we know of.

Notes from the TV writer…

Gamble took to Twitter in a thread about finishing filming season three, giving us the dirty little details we’ve been craving – both about the show and the filming process, in general. The entire set didn’t have a single case of COVID during the filming timeframe which began in February of 2020. The show is said to be “f***ing bonkers” with “insanely good” performances. I mean, did we really expect anything less?

What should we expect?

More murder, more drama, more Love Quinn and Joe Goldberg psychosis… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. With a stellar cast, killer plotline (pun intended), and characters we’ve grown to love – no matter how flawed – “You” season three is bound to be bone-chillingly incredible.

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