The Parallels Between Annihilation and The Pandemic

Alex Garland’s (Ex Machina, 28 Days Later)  Annihilation has been on my mind lately. And I have found comfort in seeing others draw the same conclusive lines.

Here is a great example of what I mean. When the movie Minority Report came out, I found it somewhat thrilling. But I figured that I would move on, and forget about it,   However, since then, I have often used Minority Report to reference hologram computers, chips in arms and other futuristic references. This happens often.  I mean, how many times since the pandemic and the Zoom craze have you pictured Jane Jetson putting her mask on to answer a  video call?  Unheard of back then, but Hanna Berra had an inkling, didn’t he?

I refuse to get off topic.

Annihilation was first a book written by Jeff VanderMeer.  The movie came out way back in 2003.  And I do remember watching the movie in the theatre and I know it struck a chord.

I consider myself a  sci fi flick enthusiast. And what gives me the chills is when human morality and evolution is question, threatened or challenged. Especially when it becomes obvious that we as a species are likely to turn on ourselves accelerating our own demise.

Why? Maybe it is because I am a holistic, natural remedies kind of girl. However,  I am drawn to science and I see how natural other beings are to this planet. And how the human race is this obtuse animal that does not fit in with the eco system.  We are the only creatures that have synthesized nature. And we don’t live in a tree, we built skyscrapers. We pave over roads. When a bison crosses our path we say the Bison crossed our path not that the ancient Bison was in his natural habitat and that we are the intruders that built the road in the path.

I am going somewhere good with this, I promise.

The story of Annihilation keeps showing up in my head because it draws the line between being an individual and being part of the human race. That we as a species are all in this together. More importantly and albeit subtly, the film also presents humans in a tainted light while it fights agains an alien dome for species survival.

There are the cheating spouses.  (Natalie Portman). And the angry overworked boss (Jennifer Jason Leigh) who is riddled with cancer. There are the soldiers that are deeply rooted to combat and lie to each other. But slowly and peacefully we see in between the loss,  a calm almost yogic understanding to accept what is happening as one soldier  (Josie) peacefully turns into a tree. (literally). Watch 

The movie calls into question human failures, and plants the seed of thought that perhaps an alien invasion (or shimmer) is just what we need? That human beings aren’t as highly evolved as we think we are. And even more so, that perhaps we can be improved? After all, we age, and we die.

Where the parallel  mostly rests is within the solution to our current crisis. The vaccination, may alter our DNA– ? That is a real rumor flying around. And in the movie they have to accept their flaws in order to continue the species– forever changed and altered from alien force.

Because we are not a natural for the earth. We don’t fit into the natural world. We are flawed. In most instances we are destroying the planet (see climate change) deforestation killing off entire species, these are all man made problems. Check out the Seaspiracy Documentary for further clarification.

And as we all start to come out of our wounded man made insular homes to a world reopened, we will need the majority of us to accept our pandemic solution in order to reach herd immunity.  Accept just how alien we really are, and just how flawed we are. If only  to preserve our species.

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