For a Thrill While You Travel Visit These Haunted Hotels

I am a huge fan of a beautiful building. So when I travel, I always look for a hotel that has a history. My favorite is a hotel that once was something else. Like the Liberty hotel in Boston, which was once a prison. And there is the Joule in Dallas, which used to be a bank. Loving architecture and the story behind a hotel can make it a must stay. And sometimes the history can be haunting.

There are many hotels in the U.S that are known for being haunted. Here are five that can give you the spooks while you stay.


1. Hotel Del Coronado

If you start in Southern California, you can find a beach front beauty filled with the ghost of Kate Morgan. A known con artist of that time, Kate had checked herself and her husband into the beachside property in 1892 four years after the grand opening. The husband never showed and four days later pregnant Kate shot herself. She was found by the steps at the beach and her ghost haunts the beach and the property.


2. The Chateau Marmont

Since 1927, The Chateau Marmont has been the home away from home for celebrities like Gary Oldman, Lindsey Lohan and more. The bungalows are guest house in size, so celebs will frequently stay there when filming projects. It is widely know that actor John Belushi, one of the many party-going celebrities overdosed on cocaine and heroin in 1982. I case you were wondering, he was discovered in Bungalow 3, where it continues to be haunted to this day. One recorded incident in 1999, was when a toddler was laughing and told his parents that he was being entertained by the “funny man” – oooh chills!

3. The Liberty Hotel

Was once the Charles Street Jail built in 1848 and for over one hundred and forty years, the baddest of society were imprisoned there. Eventually, mass overcrowding caused the prison to be condemned due to cruel and unusual punishments, prisoner escapes, rioting and more. Closed in 1991 to finally become the grand Liberty in 2007, the hotel is most definitely haunted. Workers say pots and pans can often be heard clanging. And boots stomping is a common thread in many reviews. Could it be the wandering prisoner? Who knows? Either way, when you check into the liberty be sure to opt for the prison and not the tower which is the extension of the building. You will see the holes along your window cell will the prison bards once were. And don’t worry, unlike a real jail cell you will have plenty of room. Just be sure to sleep on your side of the bed so the ghost can rest peacefully beside you.

4. The Driskill Hotel

Austin Texas has the Driskill hotel. Built in 1886, has many a rumored haunting tale. There was a woman who fell to her death down the very grand staircase. And there are the two suicide brides. On the exact same day, twenty years apart both killed themselves in the same bathtub! The building is beyond stately, with marble, columns and tea rooms galore. Be sure to check out the bar and have a swift drink before heading to your chambers, because you may not be alone…

5. The Chelsea Hotel

A New York staple for the musicians, celebs and party going crowd, and frequented by the likes of Smith, Hendrix, Kerouck, no need for first names, because I know you know.. All that massive partying added up to massive final moments for many of those famous and not so.. Notably, Nancy Spungen, then girlfriend to Sid Vicious passed away there in room 100 in 1978. Sid was charged with her murder, and released on bail only to die months later of a heroin overdose. At the Chelsea hotel deaths and suicides happened annually. The hotel is currently closed for renovations but don’t worry the afterlife guests reportedly still reside and they cannot wait for the reopening and for you to arrive.

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